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Apple Tweets That White iPhone is Finally Coming

With the white iPad 2 a reality, it seems that a white iPhone 4 isn't too far off. In fact, Apple promised last year that the iPhone 4 dressed in white will be here this spring, and we're getting awfully close.

This time Apple looks to make good on its promise, though, as Phil Schiller of Apple tweeted:

The white iPhone will be available this spring (and it is a beauty!).

Of course, "this spring" is right next to "this summer", and with every new summer over the last few years has come a new iPhone. It's almost assured that we'll be seeing an iPhone 5 this year, as the product line is the biggest contributor to Apple's bottom line – and no company would ever want to miss a step with its cash cow.

If you've been holding off for a white iPhone 4, just hold out a little longer and you could be getting a white iPhone 5 instead.