Westworld Season 2 Preview: Our 9 Biggest Questions

After Season 1 of HBO's hit drama Westworld ended in a state of chaos, we've got a lot of questions. While it might not be in Westworld's best interest to answer everything so soon, we would love for the show to reassure us that it has a plan for its long-term future.

After all, it wouldn't be the first time that J.J. Abrams set up a universe that he didn't have any plans to resolve. Just beware, there are minor spoilers to follow.

What are the other parks like?

The most likely question to be answered in Season 2 revolves around the other Host-filled theme parks owned by the Delos corporation. Early promotional material for this season has revealed the existence of a Shogun World. Is it still active? How many other parks are out there?

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A code in a Season 2 trailer brought fans to a website named Delos Destinations, which suggests that a total of six parks exist. How many of them will we see this season?

What's going on in the outside world?

How has society changed to the point where Westworld is such a tourist destination? Do regular people know about the technological wonders that exist in Westworld?

How far away can Dolores and Maeve physically make it from their captors?

Season 1's Hosts have started to plot their exit and execute on their rebellion, but how far will they make it out?

Can Maeve (Thandie Newton) find her daughter? Will Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) survive long enough to find something that feels real?

How does The Man in Black do it?

Ed Harris' character was once seen as a mysterious Host and an all-powerful gunslinger who was trying to break the system. In the Season 1 finale, it was revealed that he's actually the older version of William (Jimmi Simpson), the majority shareholder and owner of Westworld.

But since we now know that he's a human, the question must be asked: How has he dodged death so many times?

Do the Hosts need the humans?

William was intentionally spared from the bloodbath at the end of Season 1, where the Hosts/robots rose up. Since sentimental feelings about their keepers doesn't seem to be in the code of the Hosts, does he know something about what the Hosts need?

Can Bernard keep a secret?

Near the end of the last season, it was revealed that Jeffrey Wright's Bernard was a Host. This wasn't just a surprise to us, the audience, but to Bernard himself.

Since it seems he's still alive, as he looks for an explanation, will he hide his truth or reveal it?

What drives the Delos family?

Peter Mullan had been cast as James Delos, presumably the patriarch of the Delos corporation, the house that built Westworld. If Westworld wants to build an overarching narrative that keeps us tied in, the Delos family could be the Lannisters of the series.

What is The Door?

Possibly a MacGuffin, possibly the knot that keeps Westworld's secrets from the public, The Door is still a major destination for The Man in Black. While I don't expect we'll see anyone walk through The Door (if that's possible) this season, it would be good to learn a little more about it, so that Westworld's showrunners can let us know that they know what it is.

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