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Turn Your Plastic Water Bottle Into A Pitcher

Every once in awhile we'll come across a design that catches our attention and sets it apart from the others. Not because it is extremely innovative, or practical but questionably clever. Here we have the Aqua Jar from GR labs. This interesting contraption converts any ordinary water bottle into a pitcher-like water dispenser.

Of course it won't be able to hold as much water as a regular pitcher, but perhaps it'll provide another purpose to used water bottles (other than recycling them). At this point we're sure that you're wondering the same thing we are. That is, what exactly is the point of the Aqua Jar? Is pouring water out of a water bottle too difficult?

Whatever the purpose may be, we have to give credit to GR for this one because it's definitely thinking outside of the box. Or in this case thinking outside of the bottle.