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Apple Pulls watchOS 5.1 After It Bricks Apple Watches

Some Apple Watch users were exposed to a pretty big problem on Tuesday (Oct. 30) that Apple is now apparently trying to fix.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

After the release of watchOS 5.1 this week, some Apple Watch owners took to Reddit, Twitter, and elsewhere to complain of the update bricking their smartwatches. According to 9to5Mac, which earlier reported on the problem, users would update Apple Watch units with the operating system and quickly find that the devices would hang on the Apple logo. Even restarting Apple Watch and pairing it with an iPhone wasn't enough to fix the problem.

While Apple hasn't publicly responded to the complaints, the company moved quickly on Tuesday to pull the update, according to 9to5Mac. Apple didn't say when it might bring back the update with a fix that won't cause some devices to fail.

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For those who already have a bricked Apple Watch, there isn't much to do. You can either wait it out and hope that Apple finds a workaround that will help you get your smartwatch back or contact Apple Support and see if the company will send a replacement.

It's unclear from the user postings whether a certain Apple Watch version, like the recently released Series 4 or older models, are more affected by the problem than another model. If you for some reason have the option of updating your Apple Watch to the software now, it's a good idea to wait and make sure it's safe before you do it.

As of this writing, Apple hasn't yet confirmed the problem or what will need to be done to fix it.