This Is the Best Fingerprint ID In Any Phone

Behold, the coolest, fastest, and most convenient fingerprint ID in any phone. Heck, scratch that. It’s the coolest, fastest, and most convenient biometric ID, period. Why don’t all phones work like this right now?

Credit: ifanr Video/YouTube

(Image credit: ifanr Video/YouTube)

This is the Vivo Apex 2019. It was released last week as a concept phone but, knowing what Vivo did with the original Apex in 2018, we will probably see it coming to consumers by mid-2019.

It has an ultrafast fingerprint recognition engine — probably the new 3D ultrasonic engine made by Qualcomm — that covers the entire screen. It works on any spot in any direction you want, seamlessly, without delay. Looking at the video, it seems like the most convenient and intuitive method to unlock your phone.

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Right now, phones with fingerprint IDs only work on part of the screen, This is not as convenient, especially when you miss the mark. And, reportedly, they are not as fast as this new method.

The alternatives to fingerprint ID are just not as good. Both iris identification and Face ID continue to be cumbersome because they make users look at the display. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to have to look at the screen when I want to unlock my phone.

There’s plenty of times that I want to use Touch ID on my iPhone when I’m not looking at the phone. LIke when I hand it for someone to use. Or when it is on a side of my desk and I just want to quickly glance at something without having to hold the phone or bring it near me. Face ID requires too much effort or I’m too lazy or both.

But just blindingly putting my finger anywhere on a screen to unblock a phone? Yes, please. Extra bonus; you don’t need a notch to do facial ID, which is why the Vivo Apex 2019 looks so damn good. There’s no doubt that we will see other makers adopting this tech soon  — perhaps even the Samsung Galaxy S10 coming out next month.

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