ViewTV 25 Mile Mini Flat HD TV Antenna Review: Diminutive Performance

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The ViewTV 25 Mile Mini Flat HD TV Antenna is one of the many smaller models of antennas that can be had for less than $10. Unfortunately, when it comes to tuning in TV broadcasts, its performance is underwhelming.

Design: Rigid but stable

The black ViewTV antenna is a flat, oblong rigid circuit board, as opposed to the flexible plastic models more typical of indoor antennas, such as the AmazonBasics Ultra Thin 35-Mile Antenna or the Mohu ReLeaf HDTV Antenna.

It's perched on a small triangular base where the attached coaxial cable is connected. The cable is unusually short– just about 58 inches – which limits your placement options.

Set Up: Screws included

To install the ViewTV antenna the design includes a unique option: two picture-frame-like attachment holes in the back of the tiny base. The company includes two screws so that you can make it secure on a wall, not dissimilar to how you'd install a smoke detector. If your best option is a window, there's also a sticker included in the package. Keep in mind, however, that the shortness of the cable means your TV will have to be within a few feet of the window, too.

Small antennas like this ViewTV model are generally well-suited to RVs and glamping vacations. We recommend checking in at Antenna Web to see what channels may be available in the area, whether you're staying put or just passing through.

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ViewTV 25 Mile Mini Flat HD TV Antenna: Key Specs

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Channels Received11
Rated Range25 miles
1080p ReceptionYes
Cable Length4.8 feet
Size9.5 x 1.5 inches

Performance: Less than expected

After an initial scan using the tuner of our test Samsung KS9000 Ultra HD TV turned up 28 channels, we were optimistic about the ViewTV AR-603B-A. Unfortunately, after extensive viewing we determined that only 11 of the stations were watchable. This is especially disappointing, since we've seen other low-cost antennas pull in better reception – the HomeWorx Digital Flat Antenna pulled in 19 viewable stations, and the Antop Paper Thin AT-140 pulled in 14 channels with a similar compact design.

In the lower channel range, the ViewTV AR-603B-A missed most of the major affiliates. However, in the upper channel range it did manage to pull in popular 1080i and 720p Spanish language stations in our area.

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In a demonstration of the caveat that your mileage may vary, the ViewTV model did yield a couple of marginal stations that others, such as the similarly diminutive Antop AT-140, failed to pull in.. We were able to watch two of the local PBS stations, for example, for several minutes at a stretch before the picture disintegrated. Ultimately, we deemed these channels unwatchable – but it was still more promising than some of the other models that failed to capture even the slightest signal for these stations. It means you may have better luck with the ViewTV antenna in your area, depending on how close you are to local broadcast towers.

Bottom Line

Regarding how many TV stations it was able to consistently tune in, the ViewTV AR-603B-A was a disappointment. Even at this under-$10 price , there are better choices, such as  the HomeWorx Digital Flat Antenna and Antop Paper Thin AT-140, both of which are comparably priced and both of which tuned in more stations.

Credit: ViewTV

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