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Analyst Sees iPhone 5 Going to be 4G, on Verizon

There should never be any sort of surprise that there are already rumblings about the next iPhone. As in usual fashion, Apple is expected to launch the next-generation of iPhone next summer, and now analysts are already taking their best stabs at what it'll be like.

For one thing, the bets are on Apple sourcing its cell phone communication hardware from Qualcomm instead of Infineon. This could both point to there being a CDMA version that's compatible with Verizon, as well as one that would work on 4G networks.

"We believe the company has selected Qualcomm as its modem supplier for the CDMA iPhone as well as for the iPhone 5," Ashok Kumar, a managing director and analyst at Rodman & Renshaw, wrote, according to Cnet. "The iPhone 5 will likely use a two-chip modem, allowing the company to create 3G and 4G products."

With 4G phones just hitting the market this year, Apple probably saw it as too early to integrate 4G capabilities in the iPhone 4. By this time next year, the 4G picture may be a little better, perhaps giving a reason for the iPhone 5 to hop onto 4G.

Kumar also added that he believes that Apple will unveil a 7-inch iPad equipped with cameras sometime early 2011.

  • Marco925
    i hope the antenna works on the next one that isn't going to drop to 0 when i hold it normally :P
  • thebigt42
    I'll believe it when I see it
  • kawininjazx
    I like turtles.
  • maxiim
    Its still reason to follow up with news about apple products anyway.
  • icepick314

    same craptastic phone...but on different network...

    FUN FUN FUN!!!!!
  • samely
    Analysts are generally a waste of time, and usually only speak to give people something to say about them. Very self-serving.

    Wasn't the iPhone supposed to be on T-Mobile or Verizon or whoever by now?
  • nexus9113
    Who cares about what chipset it uses, the bigger question is: Will it be able to make a phone call?
  • ecnovaec
    the same analysts that said it would be coming to verizon any day now.... almost 2 years ago?? If this "new news" is true, verizon customer had better enjoy their good service while it lasts :)
  • tu_illegalamigo
    They can do what they want with the phone, just make it work correctly please! As for a 7" ipad with cameras, did not someone disassemble the ipad upon release and found that it has a space for a camera? That is one of the things about Apple that bothers me, I wish they would not do that to their veryloyal customers. Seems kind you say A**hole move?
  • LTE isn't 4G. LTE Advanced (the next iteration of LTE) is 4G.