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15 Vacation Gear Ideas: Don't Leave These Behind

Lenmar Black AC Adapter For USB Powered Devices ACUSB4

Read reviews of the Lenmark AC Adapter for US Devices at

For the heck of it, we’re including a third International power adapter in this guide, but this one is only for powering up USB-chargeable devices. It comes with the three most popular international wall plug adapters that snap on to the familiar U.S. plug shape, and four USB ports (there’s no USB cable included, so bring the ones that came with your gadgets; be careful because they might be a proprietary shape). With this, you can’t charge your laptop, but you could theoretically charge your tablet, phone, camera and GPS unit (or portable phone power pack) all at the same time from one wall plug.

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    Why does the TomTom need software for the home PC to update? My CoPilot Live for Android updates over wireless, no PC or software required.
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  • That Kensington travel charge adapter with USB is a first-generation one; purchased one like that four years ago. The USB-piece is prone to get lost. Current ones have integrated USB ports (not a separate piece) which allow for simultaneous charging of two USB devices and powering an item at the same time. However they only tend to be available from the on-board duty-free of international airlines (seen them available onboard Emirates and LAN)
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    A cool pair of Audio-Technica ATH-ANC27 Noise Canceling Headphones to listen to your itunes and enjoy the trip.