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Tony Hawk's New Skateboard Packs a V-8 Punch

Skateboarding has always been a bit of a fringe sport, but it did enjoy a surge in popularity thanks to one man: Tony Hawk. The master of the half-pipe managed to get a video-game based on him, and suddenly, every nerd was talking about ollies and 720's like they were experts.

Hawk is dropping by Sydney for the Telstra 500 in a few days, and to commemorate the skate legend, auto-pimpers V8 Supercars have made him a special board that makes his famous 900-degree spin look like a walk in the park: it's got a race car engine strapped to it.

The oversized skateboard is powered by a V-8 engine, that puts out a whopping 630 horsepower. Of course, since the engine takes up more than half the board, it's doubtful that Tony can do anything more than hold on and pray for dear life. Maybe that Jackass skater Bam Margera is willing to do a few tricks on this thing.

[source: Tech E Blog]