Überclok Reactor: “Überperformance” Gaming?

Nothing else performs like a custom-tuned machine that you can push far beyond the rated capabilities of its components. But many buyers lack the time and/or skill to tweak their own systems, and even if they did the whole process of buying the best parts and making sure they perfectly match, it is a job best left to experienced enthusiasts. Fortunately, some smaller system manufacturers employ such enthusiasts to do the work for you. They go even further by guaranteeing the suitability of the final product. Überclok is the latest of a small group of elite builders to send its product for our evaluation.

uberclok reactor

Each Überclok PC is custom assembled, but the component list is narrowed to the parts Überclok believes will provide the best gaming experience. Today, we take a closer look at Überclok’s latest Reactor model in a configuration they selected in anticipation of our normal benchmark routine.

Überclok reactor