Trending: Facebook Reactions, MasterCard Selfie Payments

Facebook Reactions are finally here, so get ready for a whole bunch of angry orange emojis all over your mushy status updates. Also, check out Xiaomi's stunning new Mi 5 smartphone, as well as an upcoming MasterCard app that lets you identify yourself while paying for products with — what else — a selfie. Here's what's trending.

Facebook Reactions Let You Express Your Love, Surprise and Anger

Facebook Reactions are finally available globally, letting you tell your friends how you really feel about their selfies, baby pictures and engagement announcements. If you want to do more than simply "Like" a post, you can hold down the Like button (or hover over it on desktop) and access new emojis for Love, Haha, Wow, Sad or Angry. We can't wait to see how awkward this gets.

Xiaomi Mi 5: Sexy Looks for Half the Galaxy S7's Price

What if we told you one of the sexiest phones unveiled at this year's Mobile World Congress was also one of the most affordable? Launching in March for roughly $262 unlocked, the Xiaomi Mi 5's stunning design rivals that of Samsung's Galaxy S7, for about half the price. It doesn't have  just a pretty face, either — this slick handset offers speedy Snapdragon 820 performance, a quick-charging 3,000-mAh battery and a 16-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization.

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MasterCard Lets You Pay with a Selfie

You can already authorize mobile payments with your fingerprint, so why not with your face? According to CNN Money, MasterCard will soon let users authenticate online purchases with a quick selfie, which you'll take using the company's upcoming smartphone app. If you think that's neat, MasterCard is experimenting with even more wacky authentication methods, such as heartbeat and iris recognition.

Sony Holding PlayStation VR Event March 15

Now that the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are about to hit consumers, Sony's PlayStation VR is the only major virtual-reality headset left without a set price or a release date. That should all change March 15 during Sony's PlayStation VR-focused press conference at GDC 2016 in San Francisco. Aside from finally learning when we'll get to buy our own PS VR, we expect to see a whole bunch of new PS4 games that you can play with a big VR headset strapped to your face.

Uber Test-Drives Motorcycle Service in Bangkok

Your next Uber driver could arrive on a motorcycle, if recent tests prove successful. According to The Wall Street Journal, the ride-sharing company is experimenting with a motorcycle taxi service called UberMoto in Bangkok, Thailand. Uber hopes to capitalize on the popularity of motorcycle taxis in Asian countries, and the company already has thousands of UberMoto drivers zipping customers in and out of traffic. There's no word on the service coming Stateside, but considering that Uber drivers can deliver food, groceries and kittens, we're pretty sure they'll try anything.

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