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Teddy Ruxpin Is Back and More Techy (and Cuddly) Than Ever

The 2000's have slowly, but surely been recycling my 80's-baby childhood with mixed results (MacGuyver, anyone?). However, thanks to Wicked Toys Games, I'm actually looking forward to this reboot.

The toy the company is bringing back into the mainstream is none other than Teddy Ruxpin. Similar to the O.G. Teddy, New School Ruxpin will be priced at $99.99 when it launches this fall.

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Back in 1985, the storytelling teddy bear was all the rage. So much so, that I got my fingers caught in a mouse trap trying to search the closet a couple of days before Christmas in the hopes of finding Teddy waiting for me. The animatronic toys has received plenty of updates over the years, but this latest iteration is the best to date.

Back in the day, Teddy Ruxpin told stories by placing the corresponding tape in the tape cassette in his back. From there, the toy's eyes and mouth would move in sync with the audio. Thanks to all that machinery, Teddy was a rather stout and chunky toy. However, the new Ruxpin is lighter and much more huggable. While his mouth still moves when telling your child stories, Wicked Cool has swapped out the mechanical peepers for bright blue LCD eyes with over 40 ways to emote.

The toy will come preloaded with 3 stories. From there, you can download 7 more via the free app (available for Android and iOS). Kids can have fun with Teddy with or without the app. If a child uses the app, he or she can read along with the bear, with the app turning the pages as the toy reads.

I'm definitely looking forward Teddy's launch so I can introduce him to my nieces and nephews. And hell, I'll admit it, I'm looking to snuggling with one of my favorite toys from my childhood. Who says you can't teach an old toy new tricks?