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Star Wars to Play VR Mind Tricks on Google Cardboard

Star Wars hysteria has already hit just about every Google app, including Gmail, Calendar, Chromecast and YouTube; it was really only a matter of time until it came to Google Cardboard, too. Whether you're a budding Jedi Knight or a novice Sith Lord, you'll soon be able to enjoy a virtual reality experience from a galaxy far, far away on Google's inexpensive VR peripheral.

The official Star Wars website shared information about the upcoming program, which will launch on Dec. 2. At present, neither Google nor Disney has revealed the name of the program, but has promised "a compelling story, which ties directly into the opening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens." The VR program is not an autonomous app, but rather an upcoming part of the official Star Wars app on iOS and Android.

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Although the post did not reveal exactly what the story will deal with, it promised both a serialized format and a focus on the events of The Force Awakens rather than the six movies that preceded it. Presumably, the serialized episodes will all be available before the movie opens on Dec. 18. Fans can also rest easy; the content comes courtesy of ILMxLAB, which is part of Industrial Light & Magic: the special effects company that brought the Star Wars sextology to life.

Since Google Cardboard is more or less a glorified phone holder, those who do not have one can still watch the tie-in videos, even though it may not seem quite as immersive. Those who want to pick up a Cardboard for themselves, however, will be able to buy exclusive Star Wars designs at Verizon stores beginning on Dec. 2. The companies have not yet announced pricing, but Cardboard viewers range in price between $4 and $50 — or even more or less, should you choose to build one yourself.

If you simply can't wait another week for a Star Wars app extravaganza, the post was also quick to remind users that they can pledge their loyalty to the light side or dark side on Google and get a customized Star Wars experience for the next few weeks. After that, perhaps the Internet can ease up on its Star Wars obsession and go back to caring about what's truly important in life.