Here's the Tech Star Wars Nerds Really Want

Senior Editor

Everyone has their dream Star Wars gadget, whether it be Darth Vader's deadly red lightsaber or the adorably bloopy R2-D2. Fans of the beloved sci-fi series were recently surveyed on which piece of Star Wars tech they'd want the most, and the answers are somewhat surprising.

According to the myDevices survey, the most sought-after Star Wars gadget is the Speeder Bike, which was made famous by the high-speed chases on planet Endor during the events of Return of the Jedi. The series iconic lightsaber was a close second, followed by the Landspeeder, the ability to send hologram messages, and a droid. It's possible that those surveyed focused mostly on practicality -- after all, who wouldn't want to get to work faster in a Speeder Bike, or be able to call in sick via hologram?

Fascinatingly, only nine percent of those surveyed had a lust for world-destroying power. The Death Star was one of the least-desired items on the survey, suggesting that there were more Rebels than Galactic Imperials among the participant pool. We're eager to discover a whole new galaxy of cool fictional gadgets once Star Wars: The Force Awakens launches on Dec. 18.