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Sony's $840 SmartEyeglass Available For Pre-Order

Sony's answer to Google Glass is just a month away from being ready for your eyeballs. The $840 developer edition of the company's SmartEyeglass wearable will release in the United States on March 10th, with pre-orders available now.

Originally unveiled at IFA 2014, SmartEyeglass is a set of augmented reality glasses that syncs to your Android phone to put things such as walking directions and cooking instructions right in front of your face. The developer version of the wearable isn't quite as slick as Google Glass yet, sporting thick black rubber frames and thin aluminum earpieces.

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The SmartEyeglass' 419 x 138-pixel display superimposes the real world with green holographic images, such as the time, battery life and information about nearby attractions. The wearable sports a 3-MP camera, as well as an accelerometer, gyroscope and brightness sensor that allow the glasses to respond to both your motions and the world around you.

Instead of packing controls on its side, the SmartEyeglass utilizes a disc-shaped, standalone controller that packs a microphone, NFC capabilities and supports touch commands. The smartglasses require a smartphone running Android 4.4 or newer.

When SmartEyeglass arrives next month, Sony will offer an updated version of the device's SDK so that developers can better optimize their apps. While still pricey at $840, the developer-edition SmartEyeglass unit is almost half the price of Google's original $1,500 Glass, which was recently discontinued and will be revamped for its next release. Sony is also prepping a SmartEyeglass Attach accessory, which will bring smart features to your regular specs when it releases this year for a still-unannounced price.

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