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Sony's Tiny Mylo Internet Communicator Challenges Nokia 770

Nokia's 770 Internet Communicator No Longer Alone

The first page of MobilityGuru's July 2006 review of Nokia's 770 WiFi powered Internet based communicator was titled "In A Class Of Its Own." One Month later the title is no longer correct. With the recent announcement of its Mylo (for My life online) personal communicator Sony joined the battle for the hearts, minds and pocketbooks of people whose major means of communication is instant messaging and Web based phone calling.

The Sony Mylo, not the Sony PSP with a slide-out keyboard. Really!

The Mylo will be available in black or white for around $350 in September. This is a first look at the Mylo. MobilityGuru will do a full hands-on review when Sony is able to provide a review sample.

Both the Nokia 770 and Sony Mylo support instant messaging, Internet browsing, listening to music, watching videos, email, Internet phone services and photo storage and viewing. Like the 770 the Mylo lacks standard wireless (cell) phone capability, because it's built for Internet oriented users.

See a table comparing the features of the 770 and Mylo on the next page.

Sony's Mylo Hands-On

Sony worked with a number of partners to provide features for the Mylo. These include:

YahooMessenger (Internet Messaging) and Mail
GoogleGmail, Google Talk (Internet Voice Calling)
SkypeInternet Voice Calling, Instant Messaging
JiWireWiFi Hotspot Locator Service

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