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It's Official: Skype for iPhone This Week

Late last week we wrote about rumors (stemming from a report in GigaOm) that said we could see Skype for iPhone as early as this week. Well, it’s official, Skype for iPhone is (nearly) here, and it looks great.

"The No. 1 request we get from customers is to make Skype available on iPhone. There's a pent-up demand," Durchslag said in a pre-CTIA interview.

It looks like there’ll be some sweet release for those yearning for Skype on their iPhone as the service will launch a version for the device on Tuesday at CTIA. The internet phone company will also share the love with BlackBerry users who can expect Skype for BlackBerry in May.

Once it has the BlackBerry launch out of the way, Skype will have Nokia, Android, WinMo, BlackBerry and iPhone covered. You guys seemed pretty stoked about the news last week. Some of you said you’d been waiting forever for this, while others said you just hoped it would help phone companies realize how ridiculous their prices are.

Those of you rocking an older generation iTouch can (as okibrian pointed out), use Fring coupled with a Bluetooth adapter and headset. Once iPhone 3.0 is released the internal Bluetooth will be enabled and you won’t even need the adapter. Newer iTouches (with microphones) can avail of tomorrow’s release.

That aside, there’s some great screen shots doing the rounds and from what we can see so far, Skype for iPhone looks pretty cool. Check out more on SkypeJournal.

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  • This is not something to get excited about ... Skype for iTouch however would be revolutionary and worth the headline
  • megabuster
    I would be skeptical towards any news coming out on the eve of April 1.
  • dmuir
    Can't you already use Skype via Fring?
  • Why are people so excited about Skype? I want to see a generic sip client that let's you pick your own VoIP provider.
  • norbs
    telephonyninjaWhy are people so excited about Skype? I want to see a generic sip client that let's you pick your own VoIP provider.there's a program called nimbuz that lets you do that i beleive.

    I'm guessing from the screenshots you won't be able to make phonecalls unless on wifi? i hope i'm wrong cuz that would be awesome.
  • snajper69
    if you can make the call any time (not unless on wifi) I am switching lol ;)
  • Just got a 3gs and put skype on, paired with a plantronics voyager pro and it works with the phone but the BT headset does not seem to work with skype.