The Highest Resolution eBook Reader Yet

Admittedly, I'm not a big fan of ebook readers, since I already have a notebook that I carry around with me. With it I can do much more than just read books, newspapers and magazines--I can carry around my whole computing experience, for the most part.

But the the Skiff Reader, announced today by Skiff, LLC and Sprint is quite a departure from existing ebook readers.

First, the Skiff reader is large, measuring in at 11.5-inches for the screen itself. Second, Skiff claims that the unit is strong yet able to remain thin thanks to the use of what the company calls foil-display technology. Instead of using glass, the Skiff reader's screen surface is made from stainless steel foil. According the company, the screen is flexible and is able to withstand pressure that glass screens cannot endure.

A quote from the company:

The Skiff Reader is designed not just for sleekness but also for durability. It is the first consumer product to feature the next-generation of e-paper display – one based on a thin, flexible sheet of stainless-steel foil. This contrasts with the fragile glass that is the foundation of almost every electronic screen – and a primary source of vulnerability and breakage risk in the devices that incorporate them. Skiff has worked closely with LG Display (NYSE: LPL), one of the world's leading display manufacturers and the innovator of the foil-display technology, to optimize and implement this first-of-its-kind non-glass display uniquely for the Skiff Reader.

Lastly, and most importantly, the Skiff reader sports a screen resolution of 1600x1200, making it the highest resolution ebook reader yet. With that kind of resolution on a 11.5-inch display, images and text should look fantastic.

The Skiff will also come with built in WiFi and 3G capabilities. We will probably get to play with it at CES this week.

[Via Gizmodo, via Skiff]

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  • chris13th
    The High Resolution eBook Reader Yet?
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  • chris13th
    The High Resolution eBook Reader Yet?
  • pharge
    hmm... it looks nice. ... but


    How much it is going to be?
    It seems to be touch controled... but does it suppoer multi-touch? Can we save notes and high light the text?
    What's going to be the source of eBooks? What formate is it going to support?
    Since it is ebook.. I assume its battery life will be long... but since it is flexable..I will assume the battery will be the Li-polymer (like the one used in iPod)...
    since it is flexable..... it we bend it... and break it.. will it covered by the warrenty?
  • techseven
    Is it too good to be true? It's so sleek and nice, everyone will "need it"....