New Android-Powered Smartglasses Now Available for $550

After years of demoing its impressive SiME smartglasses at trade events, ChipSip is finally offering you a chance to get one of your own. The Taiwanese company is selling a developer version of its Android-based wearable for $550, a limited-time price that's set to increase after April 30.

SiME has had our attention ever since Computex 2013, thanks to the glasses' unique ability to bring a full build of Android to users' eyeballs. Currently running Android 4.4.2, the augmented-reality headset's onboard storage allows users to download virtually any app from the Google Play Store. All of SiME's apps run on a transparent, 800 x 480 pixel micro display, meaning you can theoretically browse your Facebook feed while walking to work, or bring driving directions directly to your eyes.

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Though notably bulkier than Google Glass, the current developer version of SiME is the most refined yet. The all-white smartglasses use a touchpad on the right earpiece for navigation, as well as a large module in front of the right lens that houses the headset's display and 5-megapixel camera.

SiME is powered by a 1.2-GHz dual-core Cortex A9 processor with 1GB of RAM, and offers 8GB of storage. The headset can record video at up to 1080p, and ships with Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities.

While we were impressed by SiME's capabilities during our numerous hands-on sessions with the device, the success of these glasses hinges on what productivity and entertainment applications Android developers bring to the table. You can buy SiME from ChipSip's website now for $550 until April 30, when the glasses will sell for a higher, currently undisclosed price.

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  • TechyInAZ
    Good idea, but wow those would look ugly on your face lol. :D

    I'd only buy one if they could hid most of the screen and stuff so everybody thinks it is an ordinary pair of glasses.
  • neon871
    The porn will put your eye out!!!
  • dstarr3
    I'm sorry, but those are just hideous. They look like medical equipment.
  • You don't look like an a** at all wearing those, lol.
  • alidan
    You don't look like an a** at all wearing those, lol.
    i see it as the ability to record a messed up situation that if the other person lies, you go to jail, apposed to looking stupid...

    screw what other people think i look like, i dont care, im an adult, im not a 16 year old in highschool dealing with bs anymore.
  • seeyouandme
    Google stopped smart glass project for consumes. They are working on a new model of Google Glass. That signals currently industrial users will be early adopter of smart glasses. The functions of smart glasses will more important than its look in business environment.
  • HomeMarketer
    got excited then about android glasses but I dont wanna look like a spy from a 70's movie so i think i'll leave it.. :p
  • Connie Hung
    It would be cool to use it at exhibition, looking forward to it :D
    Start imagining..........