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SEALEGS Can Tackle Land or Sea with Ease

Amphibious vehicles aren't new. The benefits of rolling out immediately after sailing in is evident, be it in times of peace or war. Unfortunately, most hybrid vehicles of this type don't work out so well. Even the most impressive amphibious craft ever, the flotation-screen-equipped WWII Sherman DD tank, had mixed results during the invasion of Normandy.

Most modern-day amphibians can't even compare to the awesomeness of the Sherman: They're usually just dorky-looking boats with dorky-looking baby wheels, looking comfortable in neither land nor sea. Not the SEALEGS. Its 150 horsepower outboard motor and aerodynamic aluminum hull make it a 48 mph beast on water.

It's no slouch once it hits dry land, either. Three 25-inch all-terrain tires deploy from their retracted position, giving the SEALEGS full mobility on the road or off it. It may only putter along at 6mph on land, but it doesn't look so dorky riding on those gigantic wheels. In fact, the slower speed gives it a more stately pace, like it's telling onlookers that awesomeness doesn't need to be rushed.

[source: Popular Science]