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Gunnar Optiks Eyewear

Gunnar Optiks Eyewear

Eyestrain and fatigue are painful issues for students who find themselves using the computer for many hours each day. When you add in time spent gaming, surfing the net, and watching TV, it can be too much for young eyes to withstand. The crew at Gunnar Optiks chose the fashionable route when designing its all-in-one eye-protection solution, leaving students looking cool while they fight off glare and dryness. The full line of glasses can be worn while computing and don’t feel geeky, intrusive, or distracting when used during common digital activities.

The pair we tried on was an off-the-shelf version that featured a comfortable but snug fit, yellow-tinted lenses, and a sturdy wire silver frame. One of over two dozen styles and a handful of frame choices that are offered by the Gunnar line, we were delighted by these non-prescription glasses that seemed more of an attractive accessory than a cumbersome extra.

Prescription glasses are available through the company’s prescription program, as well. Gunnar claims that the i-AMP lens technology minimizes or prevents some of the more troubling symptoms of digital eye fatigue (DEF) and computer vision syndrome (CVS), including blurred vision, dry eyes, irritation, and headaches. While we couldn’t confirm this with our limited test of the product, we did find the glasses to be easy on the eyes and soothing. We also noticed instant reduction in glare from our PC screen—which was not equipped with an anti-glare product—and although the manufacturer recommended giving it a full week to see results, we were pleased with the ability to make out detailed on-screen graphics in a way that was not always possible without the glasses.

A great gift for older students who spend an increasing amount of time in front of the screen, the Gunnar Optiks line starts at $99 for the most basic pair. Available at