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Back To School With Kid-Friendly Tech

Morton Subotnick’s Creating Music Series on CD-ROM

Morton Subotnick’s Creating Music Series on CD-ROM

Music appreciation is taught in many schools, but a high-tech approach can help bridge the gap between theory and application. The Morton Subotnick Creating Music Learning Series on CD-ROM (Alfred Publishing) is a six-level study series that brings basic and intermediate music concepts to even the youngest learners and develops it through the higher grade levels.

In the first of the series, "Hearing Music," children as young as five can hear music clips, complete exercises, and participate in interactive music games to master simple musical theory like high vs. low, notes, and rhythm. Cute characters and lively animation keep the lessons fresh and applicable to students who haven’t previously shown an interest in the finer points of music and are certain to focus the energy of kids who have been begging to learn it all. Installation was a breeze on Windows machines, and with various customization features included, parents and teachers can work with multiple students at different stages of progress and track everyone’s learning at a glance. 

The series, which was originally designed for classrooms and is now making its way into the home market, is suitable for students from Kindergarten through late elementary grades. Additional titles include "Making Music," "Making More Music," "Playing Music," and "World of Music" (Beginner and Intermediate.) Individual titles start at $39.99 for the classroom edition and are available at Alfred’s Website.