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Back To School With Kid-Friendly Tech

Vado Pocket Video Cam

Vado Pocket Video Cam

Digital pocket-sized video cameras are a hit with the kids, take up little space, and are cheap and easy to operate, store, and keep in use. Sites like YouTube are natural storage centers for videos from these cameras and teachers increasingly turn to movie-making skills as another way to help students learn. The Vado pocket video cam makes a great addition to the digital arsenal older students need to stay competitive in the classroom. The basic style of the Vado perfectly suits the no-frills recording style of the device. The Vado gives no excuse to avoid capturing that next sporting activity, play, or ceremony on film. Kids will have no trouble using it on any PC or Mac, and editing is quick and painless with the built-in software.

On par with other brands of pocket cameras, this mid-range option provides decent video quality without the need for high-processing speeds for playback on computers that HD cams require. The sound quality is also adequate, giving good volume control both on the camera itself and during the editing process. Practice with the camera will help ensure that sound is captured at an appropriate level. By being too close to the camera, for example, there can sometimes be too much treble in the playback. Easily recharged via the standard USB plug, you can leave the batteries at home and charge on the go with your laptop or a portable charging kit.

Available in silver or pink, the Vado is available for under $100.