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Review: Verizon VoiceWing BroadBand Phone Service

More Features

Some of the features can be set using the Feature Manager (Figure 3) accessed in the online personal account manager. The features that can be edited in the manager are if and how you want calls to be forwarded, setting up a do not disturb control, simultaneous ring to send calls to another phone number, call rejection, caller ID block, outgoing call block, and call waiting.

Figure 3: Feature Settings
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The Feature Manager is one of the main categories in the Account Manager (Figure 4), which I also found easy to use. From the Account Manager you can view all past calls, download voicemail messages, view and edit your address book, change account and billing settings, and even look up phone numbers with directory listings.

Listening to voice mail messages works fine in Internet Explorer, but I was not able to get it to work in Firefox. Fortunately, you also have the option to download the message to your computer, which does work with Firefox. The Account Manager home page also holds the Important Links (this is the only place this box appears). The Important Links box includes links to the FAQ section, international rates, and a link titled "Optimize your VoiceWing Phone Service", which I've underlined in red on Figure 4 (more on this shortly).

Verizon currently supports Emergency Response (911) service, and allows you to change the service address in the account manager under the "My Account" tab. Since you can take the phone adapter anywhere, you'll need to change the 911 address every time you change physical locations.