Resident Evil Rises Again for New Consoles

Much like the zombies that populate its darkened corridors, it seems that the 1996 survival-horror classic Resident Evil will never, ever die. Although the game has already been remade and re-released no fewer than six times, it's about to get five new ports on current-gen consoles, last-gen consoles and PC.

Resident Evil developer Capcom posted this information on the Japanese arm of its website. The game (called Biohazard in Japan) will get a digital release on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Steam as well as a physical release on the PS3. Capcom is also planning two collector's editions for the PS3, although it's anyone's guess whether these will come West.

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In Japan, last-gen consoles will get the game on Nov. 27 of this year, while current-gen and PC users will have to wait until an unspecified point in 2015. While the site does not list release dates for North American or European markets, history indicates that they will surface soon after their Eastern counterparts.

When converted from yen, the prices for the last-gen releases hover between $35 and $40. However, this price may decrease for Western audiences, who are used to paying less for downloadable titles from yesteryear.

As for the game itself, the remake supports full 1080p HD graphics (720p on last-gen consoles), a choice between the original 4:3 and current 16:9 aspect ratios, improved sound and some special not-yet-announced in-game content. Players can also choose between the controller-chuckingly frustrating controls of the original, or more modernized controls that improve character mobility.

The re-release seems to exist mostly as a stopgap for Capcom to get its flagship series on current consoles until it develops a true next-gen entry. But if someone was desperately waiting for another remake in order to play the game, you'll soon get your chance.

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  • Merry_Blind
    So is it a 'remaster' of the GameCube remake? Or a completely new remake? Either one is great actually.

    It sucks that it isn't coming to Wii U though, given the remake was for Nintendo...
  • xenol
    It'd be cool if they could make it the same fidelity as the GCN remake, only this time with real-time graphics instead of pre-rendered scenes. That game has stood the test of time quite well.