Limited Edition PS4 Marks PlayStation's 20th Birthday

If you remember the original PlayStation in its gray, boxy glory, Sony has a nostalgic treat for you. In celebration of the first PlayStation's 20th birthday today (Dec. 3), Sony has unveiled a limited-edition gray version of its new PlayStation 4 console, which will be available for pre-order starting Dec. 6.

As shown in Sony's official unboxing video, the 20th Anniversary Edition PS4 sports a dark shade of gray on its top panel, with a slightly lighter shade coating the bottom. The system features the same multi-colored PlayStation logo that adorned the original console's pop-up disc drive, and the backside packs small etchings comprised of the Square, Triangle, X and Circle buttons that have come to define the PlayStation controller.

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The DualShock 4 controller gets the same old-school gray coat of paint, with similar button etchings found on the device's touchpad. The anniversary package also includes a gray-coated stand for propping the system up vertically, as well as a retro version of the PlayStation camera accessory. There's no word on whether or not these accessories will be sold separately, but its something current PS4 owners would surely appreciate.

Sony isn't kidding when it says "limited edition." Only 12,300 units of the 20th Anniversary Edition PS4 will be sold, and each system features an individually numbered aluminum plate at the bottom. Sony's blog states that pre-orders begin in the U.S. and Canada will begin on Dec. 6, with more info to be revealed during Sony's PlayStation Experience event in Las Vegas on the same day.

While the 20th Anniversary PS4 won't let you play PS1 classics like Crash Bandicoot and Final Fantasy VII, it will certainly make a beautifully nostalgic addition to your gaming setup.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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