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Porsche Selling $845,000 Hybrid 918 Spyder

You will have to shell out $845,000 for the right to receive one of the 918 units that will come to the U.S. in late 2013. 

That isn't exactly pocket change, but you will get a hybrid vehicle that will run 199 mph and achieve about 78 MPG, if you drive it reasonably. The two electric motors deliver a combined 218 hp and can propel the 918 Spyder for about 16 miles at speeds close to 100 mph. There is also a 500 hp V8, which is responsible for the insane performance data, which also includes a 3 second estimate for the 0-60 sprint. However, Porsche said that the V8 will only deliver 7 MPG under full speed.

Buyers of such super cars have unique requests and Porsche has learned to cater to those needs. Buyers of the 918 Hybrid Spyder have exclusive rights to also purchase a 911 Turbo S-based '918 edition". Customers will need their 918 order number to be able to order this special edition 911, which will cost $160,700 for the coupe and $172,100 for the convertible. 

The 918 will resemble the look of the previously shown concept car, but will feature removable hardtop panels to become a 'Spyder'. Production of the cars are scheduled to begin on 9/18/2013.