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Pokémon Go Finally Hatches on the Apple Watch

As we descend into winter and fewer of us want to wander aimlessly through the cold weather and holiday foot-traffic hunting for Arboks, it just got easier for some to play Pokémon Go. That's because after months of waiting, you can now play Pokémon Go (iOS) from an Apple Watch with the 1.21.2 update released today (Dec. 22). Developer Niantic announced Apple Watch compatibility back in September.

Or at least you can play parts of the once-ubiquitous mobile game from your wrist, including receiving notifications about nearby pocket monsters, so you only pause your walks through the arctic tundras for rare and worthwhile catches. You can't play the flick-a-pokeball game from the watch itself, as you'll need the full-fledged version for that section of the game.

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While you can't play the entirety of Pokémon Go on your wrist, you can manage and hatch eggs from the watch display. The watch's app can also send its haptic-tap notifications whenever a pokéstop is nearby, and it will allow you to collect XP points, pokéballs, potions and revives from these locations without using your phone.

Best of all, Pokémon Go for the Apple Watch might make the wearable a more exciting toy if you get one for the holidays. Filling the activity rings on the watch can only be exciting for so long, and we imagine that a notification of a wild Tauros nearby might breathe new life into the Apple Watch.