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Playboy Entering Esports Scene

Of course, these rumors were immediately met with skepticism and disbelief as they were forgotten.

This past weekend, Playboy surprised all of the skeptics by releasing this tease of a splash page seen on

Sure the argument could be made that the website is fake and unrelated to the real playboy, however users from Decerto found that both as well as share the exact same nameservers and registrar.

In addition, a few sources from Decerto have come forward to say that this is "Very much real" and there is "More information to come soon..."

While the formation of a Playboy gaming team may sound unlikely, Playboy is not completely unfamiliar with the scene. In 2007, they hosted the North American draft of the Championship Gaming Series (CGS). We also happened to run into Girls Next Door star and playmate Bridget Marquardt (pictured below) at Blizzcon so we'll just have to wait anxiously to see what Playboy (possibly) has in store for us...