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Peugeot Aureon is a Tron-like Grasshopper Car

Concept cars abound, but we have to admit this is one of the strangest. It's the Peugeot Aureon, designed by Deviant Art resident Cristian Palanco. The budding Guatemalan designer envisioned a car that's both minimalist and stylish.

Looking like the love child of a Tron lightcycle and a mechanical grasshopper, this three-wheeled wonder gets its power from the over-sized rear wheel, which houses the electric motor. The clear plastic chassis gives a full view of the surroundings, and the doors even swing up like large wings.

The Aureon was Palanco's submission for a Peugeot concept design contest held over two years ago. The design may not have made it to the top 30, but Palanco can take solace in the fact that his car was featured on Deviant Art news.

[source: Deviant Art via Tuvie]