How to Play Overwatch's New Retribution Mode

Overwatch players now have the opportunity to experience another PvE event. And this one's called Retribution.

Credit: Gamespot

(Image credit: Gamespot)

Overwatch Retribution is part of the Overwatch Archives series and groups four players together to play as McCree, Moira, Genji, and Reyes as they work to take down Talon. Along the way, you and your friends will be forced to compete against a hoard of artificially intelligent enemies that want to take you down.

Of course, Overwatch is one of the more popular multiplayer games on the console and PC. And although most of its gaming experience centers on multiplayer shooting, the Archives series presents opportunities to enjoy storylines. Overwatch Retribution is an outgrowth of that and focuses on story as much as gameplay.

But before you run out to start playing Overwatch Retribution, you'll want to keep in mind some important things that will govern how you — and when — you play.

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For one, Overwatch Retribution is a PvE event that puts you inside one of Blackwatch's missions. But it's only available between now and April 30, when it'll be removed from the service. What's more, you'll need to install the update to your PC or console and it'll be awfully big: the PC version will take up 14GB of space and the console option will take up 20GB. So you might want to start the download now and take a break while it's making its way to your machine.

Once the game is downloaded, it's time to play. But since you're limited to four characters, you'll want to build a team of your best and brightest friends to take on what promises to be a challenging experience all the way through.

Of course, it wouldn't be a gaming event without some loot boxes. So, if you want to enhance your gameplay, Blizzard is offering a variety of loot boxes that features at least one event item. One loot box will set you back $2, but 50 loot boxes will go for $40.

So, if you're ready to play Overwatch Retribution, now's the time. The event is available on the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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