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Origin Omega Brings Beefy PC Gaming to Living Rooms

LAS VEGAS -- Origin PC knows a thing or two about packing beefy performance within equally towering gaming PCs, and the company is bringing that bigger-is-better approach to your living room with the Omega. Launching later this year for a currently unnanounced price, the Omega is a flexible gaming machine built for your entertainment center, complete with full 4K support and the ability to dual-boot operating systems.

The Omega model I got my hands on at CES 2015 looked like a game console on steroids. The machine's massive, metal-brushed rectangular packs all of its essential ports in the front, including the power button, two USB 2.0 ports, headset and microphone jacks and four hot-swap hard drive bays. The unit I saw packed two GeForce GTX 980 processors in an SLI configuration, though you'll be able to choose your own specs with Origin's usual variety of chassis options once the Omega goes on sale.

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I used the Omega to play some Dragon Age: Inquisition, which looked crisp and colorful running in 1080p on a huge Samsung TV. Origin's machine will play games at up to 4K resolution at launch, which will lend itself well to entertainment setups with an ultra-HD TV.

The Omega's ability to dual-boot operating systems is exciting, as you'll be able to run full Windows, boot to Steam Big Picture mode or launch into SteamOS once the software becomes available. This gives the Omega much more flexibility than dedicated Steamboxes, as you won't be limited to playing games within Steam's massive but not all-inclusive game library.

The Origin Omega is one of many new gaming PC's that are tailor-made for your living room, and while it's bulkier and presumably more expensive than machines like the $549 Alienware Alpha, it offers gamers significantly more power. We look forward to seeing how the Omega handles all of our favorite graphic-intensive games when it lands later this year.

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