Check Out the First OnePlus 6 Camera Samples

The OnePlus 6 is generating a ton of buzz weeks before launch, and it's easy to see why.

The company has already revealed that its flagship will come with a Snapdragon 845 processor, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, making the OnePlus 6 one of the most powerful phones ever. You can also expect less bezel around the large 6.2-inch OLED screen and a water-resistant design.

As we get closer to launch, OnePlus is leaking new details and features of its flagship OnePlus 6 almost daily, and now we have our first look at photo samples from the main camera.

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These come to us directly from company CEO Pete Lau, who shared the samples on Chinese site Weibo. They look pretty great so far, but something's missing.

Credit: OnePlus/Weibo

(Image credit: OnePlus/Weibo)

According to Android Central, which earlier reported on the posted images, the photos were taken by the OnePlus 6's primiary 16-megapixel camera. Based on OnePlus 6 rumors, the secondary camera should have a 20-MP sensor.

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Apparently taken at Stanford, one of the first images shows a patch flanked by trees. The camera does a good job rendering the buildings in the background, and the clouds are set off nicely from the blue sky. It's also easy to make out details in the grate in the foreground, though some of the leaves in the trees lack definition.

If you're wondering whether the OnePlus 6 can pull off portraits with a bokeh effect, you'll be glad to see this next camera sample of flowers.

Credit: OnePlus/Weibo

(Image credit: OnePlus/Weibo)

The pink tulip in the foreground stands out nicely against the backdrop of purple flowers and surrounding green leaves. The photo has a nice pop to it. What's not known is how much (if any) control you'll have over the blur effect, as you do with the Galaxy S9's Live Focus feature.

Based on this next photo of a building in bright sunlight, it's clear that the OnePlus can deliver pleasing contrast. Even in the background, there's a fair amount of detail in the windows on the tower where there's shadow. However, you lose definition in the stonework as you go from left to right.

Credit: OnePlus/Weibo

(Image credit: OnePlus/Weibo)

What OnePlus didn't show off is how well the OnePlus 6's cameras perform in low light. This is an area where the Pixel 2 really excels, as well as the Galaxy S9 and S9+. Hopefully the company will release additional photo samples soon.

Assuming the OnePlus 6' camera can go toe to toe with the best Android phones, the company should have a winner on its hands. Stay tuned for more info and our hands-on impressions.

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