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Here's What the Red-Hot OnePlus 5 Looks Like

Did OnePlus just scoop its own smartphone announcement? The company has tweeted out the time for its planned unveiling of its upcoming OnePlus 5 flagship later this month, accompanied by a photo of what looks like the phone.

Earlier this week, OnePlus said it would take the wraps off the OnePlus 5 during a June 20 at noon ET during a live streaming event. The OnePlus 5 is the much anticipated follow-up to the OnePlus 3T, currently our top-ranked unlocked Android phone.

The image OnePlus included with today's tweet shows off a sleek-looking phone with dual rear cameras. In fact, the image looks a lot like a leaked photo that surfaced earlier this week on Android Police, which the site said was most likely the final design for the OnePlus 5.

Credit: Android Police

(Image credit: Android Police)

There are a few differences between OnePlus's phone photo and that earlier leak, though. For one thing, OnePlus's phone looks a little bit curvier, and there's a line zigzagging across the top of the phone just above the rear cameras and the flash.

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OnePlus could have been motivated to post this photo due to some of the chatter that arose after the leaked image surfaced, with several rumor sites noting the similarities between the rumored OnePlus 5 and the iPhone 7 Plus. "A continuous hard edge, redefined over 3 years," OnePlus proclaims in its tweet, suggesting that it's differentiating itself from the look and feel of Apple's 5.5-inch flagship.

The tweet also confirms one of the more popular rumors about the OnePlus 5: the phone has two cameras on its back. That's a feature you'll find on the LG G6, iPhone 7 Plus and even low-cost Android phones like the ZTE V8 Pro and Huawai Honor 6X. Curiously, though, you won't find a dual-lens camera on the back of the Galaxy S8.

The OnePlus 5 is expected to feature a Snapdragon 835 processor — Qualcomm has confirmed that. The phone could feature the same 6GB of RAM found in the OnePlus 3T, though some rumors suggest it may up the ante to 8GB. We're interested to get a look at the front of the phone to see just how big the bezels are, now that Samsung's Galaxy S8 and LG's G6 have both popularized extended displays.

We'll find out for certain on June 20. Unless OnePlus is willing to post more photos of its phone before then.