Obama Appoints 5th RIAA Lawyer into DOJ

This week, Obama announced the appointment of a new RIAA lawyer to join the justice department. Obama named Ian Gershengorn as one of the new members of the justice department, marking the fifth lawyer from the RIAA to join.

Gershengorn will become the department's deputy assistant attorney of the Civil Division.

All five RIAA lawyers have been at the front line with file sharing ligation and have targeted both file sharing firms and individuals.

Despite many public interest groups urging Obama to stop filling his administration with RIAA lawyers, Gernshengorn made it through the doors anyway.

The Public Knowledge Group, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Consumer Electronics Association, the Wikimedia Foundation, the American Library Association and many others, demanded Obama look outside the content litigation industry for filling his administration. So far, the groups' voices have gone unheard.

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  • Anonymous
    Can we rape the taxpayers of all their freedom on the internet?? YES WE CAN!
  • NuclearShadow
    Can anyone please remind me why I voted for Obama?
  • hellwig
    5 RIAA lawyers in the DOJ? I didn't realize copyright infringement was such a serious threat to our nation we needed so many copyright lawyers working for the government. Actually, since the government is a public institution, and its works belong to the public, why does the DOJ need any copyright lawyers? Shouldn't he be filling the DOJ with criminal, financial, civil lawyers? Lawyers who practice law in areas that the DOJ actually prosecutes?
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  • antilycus
    well duh, this president is about keeping the rich people rich and everyone else is unimportant. That's why the troops arent being pulled out like he promised (and he actually just sent another 40k troops over for an unknown amount of time) and that's why all the Banks are getting the held. It would have been much much MUCH cheaper to pay off all outstanding home Mortgages and the private sector wouldn't have had much to worry about or could've cut wages if need be... .. Unfortunately, the private sector is the problem to all of this. The government cant control what the pay their employees and most of them are WAYYY under what they should be paid. ESPECIALLY THE I.T. PERSONNEL.
  • Anonymous
    Can we rape the taxpayers of all their freedom on the internet?? YES WE CAN!
  • marsax73
    Well having been through Napster and P2P networks, I think its time people started paying for music again. One cannot make the argument about it now since on Amazon, most albums are $10 or less. Especially considering you don't have to pay for the whole album anymore. Just the songs you like. Most of the albums I buy are under $7 for a full length album. I've been there since CDs first came out and I can't believe I used to pay $15 back in 1984 for a cd with only 2-3 decent songs. Now you can pay $3 for 3 songs???