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Nvidia Believes Tegra 3 Tablets Will Eventually Hit $300

Jen-Hsun Huang expects at least some of those tablets to be on sale for $299 within "a couple quarters," according to a post on Engadget. That remark was made over lunch and there is no explanation why the price could drop so dramatically from the current figure of about $500 - a price point that has been pretty stable for the basic models of high-end tablets for more than a year and a half.

Of course, Huang's note makes you think about whether it is sensible to drop $500 or more on a high-end tablet for Christmas if you could get the same tablet, with a possibly newer version of Android, for nearly half the price by mid-2012. However, if Huang is right, tablets could suddenly make much more sense for those who have the desire to own a touch entertainment computing device and haven't bought an iPad or Android tablet yet. A full-featured Android tablet for $300 sounds much more enticing than the $800 Motorola wanted for its original Xoom.

However, we also know that the prices of low-end tablets will also fall. $150 or even $100 for a next-gen, entry-level Kindle Fire is more than realistic - and there are plenty of rumors that suggest that a future Kindle tablet could be offered free of charge and may simply be cross-financed via cloud services