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FAQs of (Web) Life: An Advice Column

Q: My LinkedIn Stalking Habits, Revealed

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Dear Ms. Andrus,

I’ve become terrified of LinkedIn! It used to be part of my regular arsenal of Web-stalking tools for prospective employees, acquaintances and minor celebrities, but now I can’t bear to log in. At some point in the last year, LinkedIn started telling members exactly who has been viewing their profile. I didn’t get any warning this was about to happen, and more than once I’ve had someone say to me: “Why did you just look at my LinkedIn profile?” What a nightmare. Obviously, if I don’t log in, I can’t see the full profiles of most people. If Facebook institutes this policy, I may forswear social networking forever. So, I ask you, why did LinkedIn do this? Is it a trend that more profile-based sites will follow? And, more importantly, is there any way for me to continue to browse LinkedIn anonymously? If not, I’ll probably boycott it. As a citizen of the Web, and more importantly—as a hiring manager--I’m entitled to my stalking privacy, right?


Freaked Out By LinkedIn

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