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Neodigits' Helios X5000 HD Network Media Player


At a Glance
ProductNeodigits Helios X5000 HD Network Media Player
SummaryNetwork media player and upscaling DVD player capable of playing many different video and audio file formats
Pros- Nice looking
- Performs well with DVD upscaling and network media file playback
- Wired and wireless networking support
- Versatile AV connection options
- Intuitive and attractive UI
- Excellent audio hardware
Cons- DVD playback did not work correctly out of the box (fixed with a firmware update)
- Poor remote design
- Internet capabilities did not function
- Menus sometimes take a few seconds to open

HDTVs are becoming less and less expensive, and everyday consumers are starting to take the leap to a high definition display. Once you own a brilliant crystal-clear HD display, you soon discover that there is still precious little high resolution HD content available to watch. With HD DVD and Blu-ray technologies still in their infancy, there's not a wide selection of high-def videos available yet. So how do we quench our thirst for content? One way to while away the time spent waiting for a better selection of HD content is to get a Neodigits Helios X5000.

The X5000 is no ordinary DVD player. It's a cross between a DVD upscaling device and a network media player capable of playing multiple video formats. This means that it is able to improve the appearance of a standard DVD for use on a high-definition display by enhancing the video frame by frame before it's outputted to your display (up to 1080p) . It can also upscale compressed video content stored on the hard drive of your computer. Until high-def content is more readily available, upscaling devices such as the X5000 help to bridge the gap between legacy media and new content.

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