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Multi Monitor Madness for Notebooks


Desktop users have it easy when it comes to multiple monitors. The vast majority of graphics cards easily support two or more monitors at once, while features like SLI and Crossfire make it even easier. But what are we poor notebook users to do when we need additional screen room?

Village Tronic believes they have answered that question with the VTBook. It allows you to connect an additional monitor straight out of the box or two additional monitors if you use the optional dual-display cable the company offers. Add the notebook's screen and add a monitor to the VGA/DVI connection found on the back of most notebooks and your notebook can have up to four monitors.

Village Tronic VTBook Specifications Table

Interface typeCardBus
RAM Standard32 MB
Video, maximum resolution1920 x 1440
RAM Details
RAM Details266 MHz DDR
Video Details
Video detailsDisplay Support: DVI, ADC with optional Apple DVI to ADC adaptor, VGA with included DVI to VGA adaptor
Additional detailsGraphics Chip: XGI XP2
Predefined Video Modes: 130+
Connectors: PC Card Type II DVI-I (DVI-D and DVI-A compatible) and VGA (with included adaptor)

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