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Military's Multiple Kill Vehicle is Dead

Late last year we all learned about a Missile Defence Agency project called the Multiple Kill Vehicle (MKV).

The MKV is an unmanned drone that is able lift off and hover under its own propulsion, while remaining stationary in the air using it’s on board retro-rockets – something that we’ve seen before only in science-fiction movies.

The Missile Defence Agency released an accompanying video of the demonstration for public viewing and can be seen here (WMV).

As scary as the future looked after seeing the Multiple Kill Vehicle prototype, it’s not going to happen.

The Department of Defense released the details (PDF) today of its 2010 budget request and Wired has noticed that the Pentagon is looking to remove all funding from the MKV program.

For now, it appears that real-life HK-Flying Mini Hunter drones are still stuck in sci-fi movies.