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Military's Multiple Kill Vehicle is Dead

Late last year we all learned about a Missile Defence Agency project called the Multiple Kill Vehicle (MKV).

The MKV is an unmanned drone that is able lift off and hover under its own propulsion, while remaining stationary in the air using it’s on board retro-rockets – something that we’ve seen before only in science-fiction movies.

The Missile Defence Agency released an accompanying video of the demonstration for public viewing and can be seen here (WMV).

As scary as the future looked after seeing the Multiple Kill Vehicle prototype, it’s not going to happen.

The Department of Defense released the details (PDF) today of its 2010 budget request and Wired has noticed that the Pentagon is looking to remove all funding from the MKV program.

For now, it appears that real-life HK-Flying Mini Hunter drones are still stuck in sci-fi movies.

  • Ummm, no they didn't. The DoD REQUESTED that the funding be removed. Don't you read your own articles?
  • grieve
    I watched that video, the machine looks kinda useful… but how many rounds can it hold? (Not that it matters now)
  • tenor77
    I wonder if this request came from the same guy that approved the NYC fly by of Air Force one.
  • frozenlead
    Defence != Defense
  • akoegle
    Where'd the Duke Nukum Page go!?!?!?
  • onsiteone
    On one hand I'm disappointed that this technology is now unavailable. On the other hand I'm relieved that something like this will not be available for nefarious purposes(?)
  • The_Blood_Raven
    I have mixed feelings on this one. I am no pacifist, but that thing looks a little... too potent for my liking. The chance of accidental innocent deaths is high, and eliminating the chance of these accidents is almost impossible which would render the MKV useless. That said, the ability to take out a room full of hostiles without putting friendly soldiers in danger is nice. I guess this decision is for the best.
  • w4ffles
    Just don't expect to sneak up on anyone with it.
  • belardo
    Obama didn't need to kill this and he didn't cancel the F22, the jets ordered before he became president are still being built. Geez. Oh yeah, Military budget is higher too that goes more to support the guys on the ground.

    The MKV (if you look at the video) while is neat how it moves like a drone in Star Wars.... is not usable. Its a waste of money. The computer is doing a great job hovering with retro rockets.... but that device drinks fuel and way to noisy to be USABLE. 20 seconds. A normal prop drone with a guided bomb will do much better. Now when ANTI-GRAV is working and something from New Hope can be built that is near silent - WATCH OUT!
  • ViPr
    this technology doesn't look so smart to me because why is it like digital instead of analog; i mean why are the jets either on or off and not have like a dimmer thingy. and look how it actually thrusts downwards sometimes; that's totally inefficient.