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SkyNet Ancestor Makes Short Work of Maze

Robots already have strength, durability, and computational power far beyond those of mortal men. Do we really need to give them super speed too? The Japanese think so. When they're not busy building love-droid prototypes, they're holding competitions to see whose tiny robot, or micromouse, can navigate a complex maze in the fastest time.

Each micromouse is given a chance to explore every nook and cranny of the 16x16 labyrinth before doing its speedrun. They're pretty fast too; the average robotic rodent takes 6 to 7 seconds to solve an expert-class maze. Last month, the award for Speediest Gonzalez went to the oddly-named Egg-Torte. Its fastest course time was an amaze-ing 5 seconds, beating out last year's record-holder, Tetra.

I guess congratulations are in order for team EggTorte. Let's hope they spend their winnings on something other than a trip to England, because the last thing this robot needs is a rat brain. God help us all.

[source: Singularity Hub]