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Mi-Sport: The First Waterproof MP3 Headband?

The makers of the Mi-Sport MP3 Headphones promote their product as the "first fully waterproof and wireless, wearable sports mp3 player with integrated text to voice software". With so many manufacturers trying to compete on the PMP market, confirming this claim requires a little research.

In any case, the Mi-Sport goes over the user's ears, with both earpieces joined by a neckband that rests on the nape of the neck. All playback and volume controls are on the right earpiece, and two rubberized loops help secure the contraption on the users head.

The playback controls allow tracking through one song, and a synthesized voice tells the user what song or playlist is playing. Both earpieces feature a "waterproof soft sponge earplug" that keeps the water out yet lets sound pass through.

Clearly the Mi-Sport is designed for the gym, where sweat has a habit of creeping into earphones and rendering them inoperative. But the waterproof design of this headset allows for more versatility. Gym rats and swimmers alike can finally pass the time with some sounds, creating more opportunity for deafness caused by music playing too loud.

The Mi-Sport is currently "coming soon". No price has been shared yet, so stay tuned for updates!