Mercedes Benz's Answer to the Taxi Cab

Don't let the packaging fool you. Despite its sleek hatchback design, this concept car won't be hauling your family to the Sunday picnic. Instead, you may find yourself frantically waving at it during rush hour. That's right, folks: this isn't just any futuristic car, it's a futuristic taxi. Pay no attention to the rumble you felt: it's not an earthquake, just cabbies all over jumping for joy at the exact same time.

The Nimbus is quite an upgrade from your standard yellow cab. They ditched the standard engine block; instead each wheel will be powered by its own electric motor. The driver's seat was then moved to where the engine used to be, freeing up additional passenger space. The doors were also adjusted to accommodate its now sizable 5 passenger capacity, opening up like the doors on a spaceship. Even the iconic taxi sign has been replaced. In its place is a clear aerodynamic fin that lights up when the taxi's looking for the next fare.

With these concepts and more in the bag, designer Slavche Taneski must be proud. He designed the Nimbus while he was an intern with the Mercedes-Benz Exterior Design Studio. Too bad we won't be seeing this anytime soon, as this bad boy will roam the bustling city streets of downtown 2025.

[source: CarDesign via AutoMotto]