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Mega Hurtz: Part Gun, Part Machine, All Cop

Sure, build an armored all-terrain robot and strap a gun turret to it. What could possibly go wrong? 

This isn't the latest product from OCP's Security Concepts division; rather it's the brainchild of one Chris Rogers. The ominously-named Mega Hurtz is an unmanned tactical vehicle for "less-than-lethal" urban pacification. Think of it as a dog-sized tank that can give RoboCop a run for his money.

It's got a rugged steel-welded chassis, 4-wheel-drive electric engine, 16-inch all-terrain tires, and armor plating that can punch through cinderblock; all a must for surviving the harsh wastelands of post-apocalyptic Old Detroit. The Mega Hurtz is controlled wirelessly, with the infrared camera feed giving you a 'bot's eye view on the situation, and a laser targeting system for accurately dispensing robot justice.

Rogers claims it uses less-than-lethal force because it currently wields a paintball gun. Let's be honest, though: the turret can accommodate a 1:1 replica of a real assault rifle. It wouldn't take a stretch of the imagination to see the Mega Hurtz armed with live firearms, roving through charred downtown remains as it searches for the ragtag remnants of future Christian Bale's human resistance militia.

[source: Inspector Bots]