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Couple Gets Married at Best Buy on Black Friday

Bargain-hunting can get a little crazy. Waiting in line isn't just time consuming, it's can also be cold, boring and exhausting. Sometimes, the friends you make standing around outside the store can help make things a little more pleasant. And who knows, maybe you'll meet your future wife or husband. Having met online a few days earlier, Jennifer and Edward Burbo met up on Black Friday '07 to stand in line together.

This year, the two decided to save money on a big wedding and tied the knot while waiting in line at their local Best Buy. Jennifer and Edward Burbo stood in line outside Best Buy for two whole days to be sure they were first in line and on Black Friday, the couple had the big wedding they'd dreamed of as cameras filmed the two saying, "I do."

Shoppers in the line signed the guest book and Jennifer made sure she was wearing something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Aside from getting hitched, the Burbos were waiting to snag some deals on, 'gaming systems and cellular phones' for their four children.

Check out the video on MSNBC.

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