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Magic Sliders: Fighting Moving Day Friction


Recently, due to the tremendous expansion of THG's operations, we had to rearrange all of our lab equipment, shelves, desks and computers at our Westlake Village, Calif. office. Let's face it, computer geeks are usually not the strongest people around, but we tend to have heavy furniture and equipment. From heavy wood desks to steel racks of equipment, our stuff can easily weigh hundreds of pounds or kilograms.

When it comes time to move, we need every advantage humanly possible; that is where the Magic Sliders come in handy. The Magic Sliders are plastic discs that help you slide your furniture and equipment around. Are the Sliders a friction reducing miracle, as its vendor claims, or a cheap gimmick?

Contents And Price

The Magic Sliders come in many different shapes: squares, circle, triangles and long strips. They are also sold in many sizes ranging from about .4" (10mm) to 4" (100mm) in diameter. The Magic Sliders are sold in most home improvement stores, starting at around $5. For our review, we bought a package of four 100mm-in-diameter sliders for $20.