The Magic 8-Ball With an OLED Screen

It was just matter of time before someone decided to reinvent the Magic 8-Ball. That's what modder Mariano Alvira did, after a trip to the local toy store. He stripped a standard 8-Ball clean, replacing the innards with a microcontroller connected to an OLED screen and accelerometer.

Like it's old-school counterpart, this 8-Ball displays messages when shaken. Even better, it's possible to change the messages over Wi-Fi. You'll only need to open up this ball to replace the 9-volt battery once it goes dead.

Head over to Alvira's site for a full step-by-step.

  • mauller07
    +1 for oled
    +1 for changing what it says

    could be fun to change things on the fly and prank your mates
  • shloader
    Could this make the Magic Eightball cool again? Definitely.
  • Shadow703793
    mauller07+1 for oled+1 for changing what it sayscould be fun to change things on the fly and prank your matesLAWL! This could make for an awesome Truth or Dare toy ;)
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  • chickenhoagie
    "magic eightball, will I ever get married?"

    "this ball will self-destruct in 5 seconds. run b****"
  • firefoxx04
    my paintball gun has an oled display
  • sliem
    firefoxx04my paintball gun has an oled display
  • belardo
    Imagine what fun you can have.

    hey... it told me to go F~~~ myself?!
  • mikem_90
    I suspect the display is stationary, which kind of makes it lose a little of its charm. None of the articles seem to have any video.

    It would be snazzy to have it free drifting inside as if it was swimming in the blue goop like the original. eh.
  • ksampanna
    Could you play baseball with it?