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Lynxmotion Hexapod is a Creepy Crawling 'Bot

Humanoid robots just can't compare to their multi-legged counterparts when it comes to speed, agility and over-all fear factor. Take this little insectroid from Lynxmotion, the CH3-R. Its hexagonal structure gives it ample mobility through any terrain, as seen in this video:

With its staccato gait and tracking LED "eye," the CH3-R looks like some the monster-of-the-week from a sci-fi show. Lynxmotion even lets you up the eerie-ness with an upgrade kit that gives the little robotic headcrab glowing legs. So if you're a budding roboticist who wants to share the horror with your friends, head over to Lynxmotion's site and get your very own skittering little nightmare.

[source: Lynxmotion via BotJunkie]