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Lycos to Return to Search Engine Business

The last big news about Lycos happened a long time ago when rumors suggested that the company would be planning a merger to create an infrastructure information portal to compete with AOL-Time Warner and Excite@Home. Of course, that was when we all still believed that search engines would replace traditional media one day.

Today, Lycos is owned by India-based digital marketing company Ybrant Digital and includes a network of sites such as,,, and of course, Ybrant CEO Rob Balazy recently shared plans that the company plans on returning to the search market with the idea to show content on the results page itself without requiring users to click away to other pages.

"In the coming year you will see us introduce a new proprietary search product," Balazy told The Next Web. "I don’t want to say too much about it as it’s still in the planning stage but we have a vision to merge the notion of a search-type activity with a curated content experience. […] We think the benefit to the consumer is huge. It removes the process of trial and error from clicking on search results and hitting ‘Back’ in the browser."

Balazy said that he does not intend to take on Google directly, which may be a dangerous strategy as the creators of Cuil had to find out. Still, Balazy said that Lycos wants "to the be the first place people think of when they want to do a search, or look for content or interact with the friends, business partners, peers and family."


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