LG Teases Touchless Phones But Will Anyone Care?

LG has released a teaser about a new feature for its next-generation phones coming to the Mobile World Congress in Spain next month. It simply says “Goodbye Touch.”

We don’t really know what this means exactly, but the obvious explanation is that the Korean company will add touchless controls to some device — a phone that will respond to your hand's movements.

Credit: LG

(Image credit: LG)

This could be the LG G8, a phone that was briefly rumored to be a foldable device before that got shot down.

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I can’t imagine a world in which this may appeal to anyone except Dr. Strange. Waving your hands in front of your phone smells like a useless contrivance from a mile away. But perhaps LG has a secret that will prove me wrong.

The Seoul-based company — which has the very best TV technology by a far margin — seems to be totally lost when it comes to mobile phones. It has never really mounted a formidable challenge to Samsung or Apple, releasing yawner after yawner without any relevant breakthrough technology or design. Heck, its phones even rely on LCD when they are the absolute kings of OLED.

Maybe this touch-less feature will be a “OMG where has this been all my life?” thing but, as much as I want to be proven wrong, my instinct tells me that it will be the gimmicky icing on another big cake of yawn — unless it comes with those crazy 16 cameras. Then I will be excited to see what the hell this thing really is.

Jesus Diaz

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